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The importance of photography for well-being during pregnancy and the postnatal period

Pregnancy and the postnatal period is a very delicate moment in the life of parents, as many changes take place in a very short space of time.

During pregnancy we have body changes, concern for the health of the pregnant person and the baby, the preparation for a new family configuration, the hormones that invade the pregnant body bringing different sensations, the preparations for the baby's arrival, the worry about the birth and many other factors make the moment a whirlwind of emotions.

In postnatal other emotional adventures appear, the mother's recovery, the baby care, breastfeeding, the few hours of sleep, the low hormone, the new postpartum body and the change in the parents' lives in general!

Photography plays a very important role at this time, as well as recording a unique phase in the lives of the parents, the baby and the whole family. It has several other benefits for the well-being of new parents' lives.

During pregnancy, the photo session brings relaxation to the pregnant woman, increases oxytocin for bringing pleasure, brings the appreciation of body change, connects with the baby and celebrates the moment by disconnecting from worries.

And in the delicate postnatal period, the photo session helps parents to distract themselves from the whole routine with the baby, helps them to recognize themselves in the new family configuration, brings self-esteem to the puerperal woman who has a completely different body from before pregnancy and it also brings connection between parents and baby who are often focused only on routine.

The photo session needs to be adapted to the family's taste, there is portrait photography, lifestyle, studio, outdoor, raw maternity and etc.

Choose your style and enjoy your session and capture this precious moment in a parent's life!

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