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Photographer, Content Creator and Doula

Hi, I'm Larissa, mother of a beautiful teen girl and a baby boy. I love being a mother and everything that refers to the motherhood, childhood, family and feminine universe. I have been working in the photography, film and visual arts industry since 2005 and two years ago I became a master in Directing of Photography. During the pregnancy of my baby boy, I decided to focus on the maternity, baby and family photography project, in addition to helping other mothers' well-being through doula training. So in my photoshoot I make the family feel understood, embraced and relax to live the very important moment of their lives in the most beautiful way. Photography is an eternal memory and helping with self-esteem, production of oxytocin and different positive emotions for the mother and family. I'm passionate about the power of the image in the human being and I get involved with every photoshoot I do. All with lots of love and affection! Come to have a beautiful experience of doing a photo session with me and feel embraced to explore your special moment in the best way possible!

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Brighton and Hove

whatsapp 07783127857

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